Directed and produced this original BookTV series b/w 2006-2008. Originally conceived as a live broadcast promotional stunt, it morphed into two 8-episode seasons of docu-reality TV, all based on a people WRITING IN A BOOK STORE. Crazy.

The wonderful thing about some of the CHUM days was pitching ‘let’s mount a microwave transmitter on an Edmonton Chapters and watch grown men and women sleep in bunkbeds while they fail to write a novel over a long weekend’ and exec producers said: sure, what the fuck - LIVE BROADCASTS WITH KIM CLARKE CHAMPNISS EVERY TWO HOURS AND LIVE JAZZ BAND ON SATURDAY NIGHT.

It got a tonne of press in the Globe & Mail, the Journal and the Toronto Star - and most lovely, resulted in the marriage of two of our favourite contestants. Ah, Zenko, we miss you. He wrote up a beautiful thing just after they got hitched.