The son of two English teachers. Raised in the mining towns of Western Canada. Originally trained as a biologist before discovering the love of making films and books. Currently living in Toronto directing and editing films and documentaries.

Worked as a director and editor for most of the major networks and media outlets in Canada over the last twelve years, including: GlobalTV, CTV, CityTV, Maclean's and Sportsnet. His work has won Promax, CAB, AMPIA, Applied Arts and Gemini awards. Recently directed the acclaimed digital series, Haphead, and co-directed & picture edited a film that won Best Feature at the 2012 Sci-Fi London Film Festival in the UK.

A long-time indie-culture creator & published poet who once drove a dozen artists across Canada in his pink ambulance for the infamous Write the Nation Tour. Twice directed a documentary series about the 3-Day Novel Contest, then wrote his own 3-Day Novel in 2010. Somewhat fittingly, it came in third.

In the early years, supported his film-making and artistic career by working a number of unusual jobs: lumberjack, courier, professional fly fisherman, television producer and journalist.

This site (& bio) is a work in progress. Check the Ink spot: it's guaranteed pretty.